Expanding your reach on social media is my mission!
Social media solutions customized for you!

As a self-employed entity with a streamlined budget you can easily start with social media audit on as many social media platforms you choose, without earmarking an outrageous marketing budget.

If you're ready to keep your audience engaged and keep your organization top of mind, your next step is to schedule a secondary, in-depth consultation.

Finally, when you're ready to get strategic about growing and retaining your target audience, we can meet to set up a strategic plan to manage one or more social media platforms for you. No keeping up with the latest algorithm changes or features, I'll partner with you to provide the guidance you need to optimize your reach.

  • Social media brand analysis

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  • Consistent and varied, value adding, posts - daily!

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  • Brand presence on the platforms that matter to your target audience

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  • Optimizing your time and energy as the business owner

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starter services

As a small business, budgets and needs vary. If you have more unique social media needs, give me a call and I'll develop a package customized just for you.
Social Media Audit

Ensure your social profiles, pages and website are consistent reflections of your brand. Learn what changes you can make to increase your reach to your target customer. Packages start at $39!

Facebook Ad Campaign

Increase visibility quickly to your target audience! Using the power of Facebook we can reach your ideal customer where they live and play and with greater brand recognition. Packages start at $49!


Share company services, collect customer information, and offer content without the overhead of a full website! A landing page has the same look for visitors, but allows for more frequent format and content changes. Design packages start at $49!

Social Media Education

Different platforms require different engagement techniques to maintain customer attention. I’ll come to your workplace and help empower your staff to effectively promote your organization on social media, with platform specific strategies. 60 minute workshops start at $69.


The human (not to be confused with the dog) behind the keyboard.
Social Media Strategist
I was a network engineer with a passion for fitness, looking for ways to grow my fitness community, when I developed an affinity for and proficiency with social media. My technical side loves mastering its intricacies and my servant side loves helping others in the process.

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