February 16, 2017

#CourtYourCustomers – Finale

Congratulations!  You’ve reached the last step of the Court Your Customers program.  Now you have several paths to chose from depending on which the following categories you fall into:

A: “I completed each step, each day, and I am super pumped to maintain the improvement I see in my analytics.”  If this describes you, rock on!  You’ve laid the foundation and just need to be consistent.  If you’d like continued support in that regard, I invite you to participate in my monthly group media mentorship program.  Twice a month we’ll meet as a virtual group and work through any social media challenges you face.  In addition to that, I’ll provide structure and accountability for your monthly social media content calendar.

B: “I completed many of the tasks but got busy/overwhelmed.  I need to start the process again and could use some one-on-one time to really wrap my brain around this and feel confident managing my Facebook page.”  If this describes you, no worries; let’s set up a planning/strategy session and get you on your way!

C: “I read the emails, but I just don’t have time to implement these steps with all of my other business requirements.  I need to delegate this responsibility.” If this describes you, social media management is what you’ll want.  It’ll allow you to take advantage of your social media presence without taking your valuable time away from the focus of your business.